4 - 9 YEARS

Coding, Robotics, and 3D Design & Printing

10 - 12 YEARS

Coding, Robotics, and 3D Design & Printing


Coding and Robotics


The Keys Enrichment offers a learning path from tinker to entrepreneur, teaching computational and real-life problem-solving concepts in a hands-on and engaging approach.

We keep kids engaged by linking the courses to real-life with case studies and guest lecturers, and framing each class in terms of skills to achieve and challenges to solve.

We didn't do it alone. Our advisor Roger Kassebaum, winner of the US Presidential award for best STEM teacher in the US, helped us design the curriculum to provide the highest quality courses designed for children across different age groups.

essential skills for the future

3D Design and Printing

3D modelling and 3D printing are some of the fastest growing STEM fields. From hardware and software engineering to industrial design and manufacturing, these technologies are at the forefront of an emerging trend toward fast prototyping and rapid product development.  The Keys Enrichment runs regular 3D Printing classes every weekend for kids ages 6 and up. 


Much of today’s technology is intangible and difficult for young people to conceptualise. Students can connect with robotics quickly because they are able to touch the robots and manipulate them directly. Kids learn programming and engineering concepts, but the best learning experiences are not taught through a manual. With robotics, children learn that their own imaginations are the most powerful ‘instruction manuals’ ever to exist. There is nothing more empowering than the experience of imagining something, building it, and then ultimately watching it work. 


Google, e-mails, Facebook.. the landscape of communication and technology is ever more omnipresent.  With an ever-increasing demand for people with computer skills, coding is a now a basic 21st century skill.  Our coding classes here at The Keys Academy provide a learning platform that will give your child the tech advantage. 

Little Steps Asia, in collaboration with The Keys Enrichment, shares why kids should start learning Coding at a young age. Click here for the article.