Our classes have been a big hit! Here's what kids and parents have to say about their children's experience at The Keys Academy:

“Ms. Andrea is very helpful. She helps me when I have some difficulties like sometimes when I do not know how to solve a difficult question, she’ll explain it very clearly to make me understand. She makes the class really fun. It’s my favourite part about going to class. I feel that I can solve more difficult problems, and my results are improving after having classes with The Keys. With her help, I’ve been getting higher A stars. Also, the facilities at The Keys are quite good, and the teachers here are very friendly and approachable. I will recommend The Keys Academy to my friends. 
— Kiven Lim (P6 Math Student)


I am very happy with the English classess my son attended in Term 2 with The Keys Academy. The lessons are very well structured and have helped him. The teacher Loh Yixian is very knowledgeable in the subject and has provided him valuable feedback and corrected his mistakes. She is also proactive in providing me feedback on his progress. I will definitely recommend The Keys Academy for the students as one of the best coaching centers.
— Mrs. Manisha Mirajkar
The Keys Academy has helped me to improve my grades for Science from a B3 to a A1. The lessons taught are fun and enriching which makes me motivated to learn. The learning facilities are comfortable. Our teacher, Ms Andrea Seoh is a kind, caring and amazing teacher who makes learning enjoyable. She teaches in a way which I can easily understand. She is very patient when answering our questions even beyond class hours.
— Anitha Babu (Sec. 2 Science)
Mr. Lim is very engaging and cheerful!
— Asyraaf (Sec. 4 Chemistry)
Good teacher with concise notes!
— Ruhi (Sec. 4 Chemistry)
Humorous and engaging, easily understood, clear examples.
— Zoey (Sec. 4 Chemistry)
Mr. Wu makes the lessons so engaging to the point that I was able to sit in the room for 3 hour straight. I thought it was impossible to get me to sit and learn for a long time.
— Mateen Koppe, Sec. 4 Head Start Programme (Hai Sing Catholic School)
Knowledgable about the topic and is able to pass down the knowledge effectively and properly.
— Darren (JC 2 Biology)
Clear and precise explanation.
— Zavier (Sec. 4 Math)
Miss Loh is a funny and caring teacher. She makes the lessons interesting by telling us jokes and showing us videos and pictures relevant to what we have learnt. I can understand her explanations as they are clear. When I do not know how to answer a question, she will always come and lend me a helping hand. I really enjoy all the lessons with Miss Loh and I have learnt a lot.
— Chan Xin Yi (P5 English Student, 2016)
I like the way she teaches the questions that we get wrong, individually to each of us. She explains to us until we understand how to answer the question fully. Every week, I look forward to being with my friends, and also working on the worksheets. I’ve gotten A stars since I joined The Keys (from my previous As). I think The Keys helps me cope better in school and what I learn are very useful. I would recommend The Keys Academy because the classes are fun and enjoyable.
— Joel (P6 Math)
The teacher has a high knowledge of the subject.
— Elizabeth (Sec. 2 Science)
I’d like to leave my review on Mr Tan Soon Hong, mathematics teacher. I have joined The Keys Academy for almost a year. Mr Tan has been guiding me with Mathematics every week for my O level examinations coming up soon. Mr Tan is a pundit at Mathematics and can solve questions in just a few seconds after reading it. He helps students of all levels and can solve all kinds of questions. He is a very patient and kind teacher with a sense of humour.
— Hannah Chai (Sec. 4 Math)
Patient, understanding, encouraging
— Wei Ji (JC 2 Biology)
I am very pleased that Yi Kai’s English has shown marked improvement after he joined The Keys Academy! He did very well for Paper 1, and while I’ve seen Yi Kai put in the hard work, I would like to thank Ms Loh for making this happen. I am hopeful that he will do even better next round. I’m seeing this incredible improvement in a short stint of less than 4 months. We first started with Miss Loh in mid-Jan this year and SA1 was in May. Though we’ve seen Yi Kai’s improvement through his regular work before the examination, SA1 was an affirmation above all! I was really impressed to see that Yi Kai conscientiously made notes on his SA1 paper, one of the tips that Miss Loh imparted to him.
— Mrs Koh
The Keys provides a conducive environment to study in. My teacher, Ms Andrea Seoh is an amazing teacher. She helps us alot by answering my doubts and ensures that we have gotten the concept right. She is as sharp as an eagle as she is able to detect if I truly understand in those instances when I did not, in fact.
— May Tan (Sec. 2 Science)
Ms. Tracy is very patient and very open to opinions and perspectives. The Keys Academy has a very conducive environment that helps the student to focus on their studies. Unlike other ordinary classes that I usually take, she makes us play games and uses media and that makes the classes fun and memorable. I would highly recommend The Keys Academy to my friends.
— Sarah (Sec. 3 English) Improved from C5 to A2. Top 3 in class.
Personable nature and ability to summarise the learning points.
— Freda (JC 2 Biology)
Very approachable and knowledgeable and is truly passionate about the subject.
— Cheryl (JC 2 Biology)

Further to academic excellence, we also encourage our students to be confident of their creative talents.

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The next essay competition (2017) will be launched on 21 September 2016