The Keys Academy cordially invites you to a private event with legendary financier and philanthropist Michael Milken.

Building Prosperity Through Human Capital
Saturday, 17 September
10:15 am - 11:30am
The Keys Academy

Mike Milken has been at the forefront of successful initiatives in medical research, education, public health and access to capital for more than 40 years. He chairs the Milken Institute and is an investor in a wide range of enterprises around the world that focus on developing human capital - including The Keys Academy. Fortune magazine called him "The Man Who Changed Medicine" and Esquire magazine listed him among "The 75 Influential People of the 21st Century". More information is at

Mike Milken's interactive talk will cover a wide range of current trends including the rise of the global middle class, expanding access to financial capital, the importance of education in building social and human capital, and the impact of public health and medical research programs in extending lives and stimulating economic growth.