FOR AGES 10 - 12


Singapore’s start up community is thriving and entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic restructuring of Singapore. As such, our Mini-MBA program seeks to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in students for the future. This is done through a combined understanding of leadership, money sense and communication. Students become more self-aware of their leadership styles and learn to manage groups of disparate personality types. Money sense equips students with the understanding of business types, wealth and investment, as well as basic business accounting. Lastly, communication skills are imparted to students to learn about formal presentations and speech, together with etiquette and grooming for formal occasions. The skills and experiences the Mini-MBA offers to students will be very beneficial and of great use to their future whichever field they pursue.

Term 1: Jan-Mar 2017

Sat 11am-1pm

2-hr trial class = $40

12 weeks/term = $960

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Contact 6734-8559 for enquiries