Maximizing Success for Students Aged 12 and Up

The earlier you start working towards, the more successful your application will be - Keys Admissions helps establish the foundations for a successful student.

Holiday strategy: advising on internships, camps, and independent projects - we help you source for specific summer programs and make recommendations in the context of future admissions decisions, finish your program application.

Academic & extracurricular advocacy: we help students establish best methods for time management, manage academic course load & teacher outreach, create efficient study schedule time tabling, and how to best balance outside activities with school work. Together, we explore academic interests and strengths, and by extension: potential major or career choices. Sourcing for externship, internship, or other outside activities such as competitions or organizations to further develop the “achievement” factor of an activity.

Building college & university knowledge: in advance of creating a balanced college list

Building standardized test knowledge: Introduction to the PSAT and the difference between SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests for both US & UK applications ·

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